IFB 20BC4 20-Litre Convection Microwave

IFB 20BC4 20-Litre Convection Microwave

With IFB 20BC4 Convection Microwave Oven, baking becomes a breezy affair. The Keep Warm feature keeps your meals hot for up to 1 hour. And with Deodorise/Steam Clean, your don’t have to worry about residue and odor in your appliance.

Keep Warm

This feature delivers a very low power microwave pulse that keeps the temperature of your food at a constant level without overcooking it. This means you can keep your food warm in the microwave. The Keep Warm feature can be activated for a maximum of 90 minutes.


Food particles on the heater during cooking are burnt during this function, making the grill elements clean and the microwave free from germs and odour.

Steam Clean

Grease in the machine is cleansed in just a couple of minutes with the help of steam, leaving a refreshing lemon fragrance in the process.

71 Auto Cook Menu

Explore new flavours and cuisines, sitting right at home. Enter the weight of the food you wish to cook and leave the rest to the Auto Cook feature.

Multi-stage Cooking

Automatic sequential execution of various modes of cooking. In built memory stores up to three levels of cooking simultaneously. It saves time and makes cooking convenient, per se Micro, Grill & Convection.

Weight Defrost

Unsure about the time needed to defrost? Simply enter the weight of the food item you wish to defrost and you’re good to go. No hassle.

3-Year Warranty

A 3-year Warranty on Magnetron and Cavity means that you don’t have to worry about your microwave oven for a long time to come.

Which Microwave is to be purchased?
What is your need? What is your budget? If you do not want to use a Microwave for baking or you want to use a separate Microwave then buy the Solo microwave oven.
But if you do not want to use a separate oven for baking then purchase Microwave with Grill and Convection.

Personally i find it more convenient to use one Microwave(Microwave with Grill and Convection) instead of a separate one. This Microwave can defrost, reheat, bake, grill, it does almost everything.

In which size should I buy?
This depends on the number of family members and how often you use the Microwave. In India Microwave is used more to help in cooking than to cook the food. So for a family of 4 you can purchase 18-20 litre Microwave. After 4 you can increase Microwave size by 2 litres per member.

Which company to purchase from?
Normally companies give 2-5 years guarantee on a Microwave. Microwaves do not get spoiled usually but do make sure that the company's service centre is available in your city/town.

I have used 2 Microwaves till now. The first one was a Solo Microwave which i continuously for eight long years. It never got spoilt during its eight years only its turn table broke once. Presently i own a Microwave with Grill and Convection which is working just fine for the last 4 years. I just had to change its bulb one time.

- Microwave Oven Prices in India
15 years earlier Solo Microwave Oven was priced at Rs.16,000. but these days you can get much better microwaves for Rs 5000. A good Microwave with Grill and Convection will cost you around Rs 10,000.

Microwave oven sellers also give a discount on its MRP according to the model. For your convenience we have prepared a survey of Microwave oven prices in india according to the oven's brand, model, capacity in litres, MRP and negotiable price.

  • The Microwave cover should be transparent enough for you to see the food being cooked in it.
  • It's framework should be in such a way that its easy for you to clean.
  • Usually the manufacturers  give free dish set,etc. Do not forget to collect yours.

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