5 speakers that audiophiles will dig

Choosing speakers can be an arduous and complicated task. Especially for people who are finicky about the sound. Lets view some best speakers in all ranges

Choosing speakers can be an arduous and complicated task. Especially for people who are finicky about the sound. It involves selection of the size of the speaker, the type of music one is targeting to listen to, the loudness levels, the price point, and finally the design for the sake of aesthetics. We at gizmento have been testing many speakers in all shapes and sizes. We tell you about five speakers that will delight most audiophiles. And guess what? They are relatively affordable.

Logitech X300 mobile wireless speaker

If a portable speaker, with wireless capabilities, is the need of the hour, then the Logitech X300 wireless speaker will do just fine. It has a nuanced, yet balanced sound, which means the sound does not gravitate towards a particular frequency. It is balanced. It also has a nice and attractive design, along with a battery that can last five hours on a single charge.

Price: Rs.4,999

Transit by Soen audio

Another great portable option is the Transit by Soen. While, the Logitech X300 is a mainstream product, the Transit is made of premium materials. It is, by every metric, a high-quality portable speaker, both in terms of design and build. Its sound is superb. Loud and balanced are words that are often used to define the sound signature of a speaker, but the Transit takes it to another level, with a sound reminiscent of a neutral studio monitor. On some level, you may feel it is a little too neutral in terms of sound because Bollywood music often sounds tinny, but if you are into smooth Jazz or Blues, then it is a fabulous option. Its battery life is also quite good at 4 hours on a single charge.

Price: Rs.12,990

AudioEngine A5+

Sometimes design and extra features take a back seat. Sometimes it is solely about the sound. If you are looking for a pair of good desktop speakers, then look no further than the AudioEngine A5+. AudioEngine is a company, which is known for making studio monitors, a type of speaker system that sound engineers and musicians use to record and master music. The A5+ pair are studio monitors at heart, but unlike most studio monitors they do not cost a bomb. They sound great and all the frequencies – the highs, mids and lows -- are balanced. Interestingly, the A5+ achieves this performance without a dedicated woofer. The drawback is that fancy features like wireless audio are not available and the speakers, in terms of looks are not the most attractive ones out there. They will also take up quite a bit of space on your desk.

Price: Rs.28,305

The Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air

If you are looking for the best sounding iPod dock, take a look at B&W Zeppelin Air. Shaped like the Zeppelin Airships of yesteryear, the iPod dock looks super cool with a design right out of science fiction. Its thick and mid-heavy sound signature may not be the most neutral sound, but boy it sounds good. It can handle all types of music, from thunderous heavy metal, to groovy electronic trance to foot-tapping Bollywood dhinchak. The Zeppelin is also loud. It gets as loud as many low-cost home theatre systems and it is perfect for a small house party. It also packs in Apple’s AirPlay wireless protocol, which sounds better than most Bluetooth audio. You can connect it to the PC via USB and its internal DAC doubles as a soundcard, enhancing the audio performance of your PC.

Price: Rs.56,825

LG X-Boom Pro

Sometimes there is an insatiable need to bring down the house. If that is what you want, we suggest the LG X-Boom speaker system. It is massive. And it is very loud. It has the potential not to just bring down the house, but the entire neighbourhood. It has some cool DJing features baked in, and one can moonlight as a quasi DJ and use the built-in turntable. The cool bit is that it can source audio from multiple places – Bluetooth, auxiliary cable, and USB. It even has cool psychedelic strobe lights, which add to the party animal like nature of the speakers. Sound wise, it is not the cleanest, but by far the most bombastic. And when you are partying bombastic is what you need.

Price:  Rs.1,24,000

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