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Key Highlights

We love helping people. And we take pride in giving our callers an effective, high-quality solution.

  • First and only online consulting firm that helps you find the best gadgets and electronic items.

  • An efficient team of tech experts that helps you decide what to buy and from where to buy.

  • Strategic partnership plans with supreme retailers.

  • Aim to expand our presence in villages and small towns for increasing awareness among them on latest trends and technologies in field of electronics.

  • Presence across a wide range of categories including home appliances, mobiles, automobiles and many more.

Our Process

  • Step1: Planning

    We plan to provide technical and general information related to any electronic gadgets (Phone, Tabs, Laptops and Desktop etc.), home appliances and automobiles on call. We give solutions to the queries of callers that come to their mind when they decide to buy something and get confused in the globalized market.

  • Step2: Designing & Prototype

    Customer or caller will call us on our toll free service and will select IVR option according to his/her requirement and our corresponding Technical support executive will acknowledge him/her. Our Technical support executive will gather primary information’s (Name , Location) from the caller and ask him/her his query. After gathering necessary information our Technical support executive will look for the best options available for the caller.
    As our Technical support executive has taken requirements of the caller that is his/her product of interest, price range he/she willing to spend and technical specifications looking in the product of interest.
    Now our Technical support executive will find out the number of options available in the market according to the information provided by the caller. As the number of options will be high as result of multi brand and high number of options available for the product of interest .Our Technical support executive will eliminate the options which are not suited according to the interest and requirement of the caller, discussing it thoroughly with the caller. After that our Technical support executive will land on three, four products which will be among best options available in the market.

  • Step3: Development & Testing

    As our Technical support executive and the caller have reached few best available options in the market, it’s time to discuss the options in details. Our Technical support executive will describe the detailed information of the selected products and its specifications and it’s time to decide the final option after elimination.
    As we have best available options with price wise and specifications with us and by this Time the caller has the clear idea of what he wants and what he is going to buy. Our Technical support executive will provide him/her all the details and information about the offer he can avail from the market or online.

  • Step4: Delivery

    At the end of the discussion, the caller will have his/her solution and all the information related to his buying process. After getting feedback from the caller our Technical support executive will forward him the details of the decided products via mail or SMS so that customer can recall the discussion and Specifications of his/her product.

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