Whirlpool 7.2 Kg 360° BLOOMWASH Top Loading Washing Machine (Graphite)

Whirlpool 7.2 Kg 360° BLOOMWASH Top Loading Washing Machine (Graphite)

Ease off your washing clothes chore once you buy the graphite tint Whirlpool 7.2 kg BLOOMWASH top loading washing machine. Powered with the 6th sense Tumble Care technology this washing machine will wash clothes for you effectively and efficiently with minimal effort from your end. Offering you 22 different wash programs you can comfortably wash different types of clothes in it. During winters washing your pullovers and expensive shawls will be a breeze with the wool cycle. Other wash programs include normal, heavy, delicate, rinse + spin and spin. From dynamic soak to buzzer, transparent spin window to detergent dispenser this washing machine is designed with the intent of easing your work. With the built-in heater, you will not have to manually fill hot water in this machine for best results or buy a separate geyser. If you feel the clothes need to be washed again simply use the extra rinse option and for all your delicate laundry there is the low spin feature. If the laundry gets imbalanced in course of the wash cycle, then there is the off-balance sensor in it. In the middle of an ongoing wash programme if there is a power cut, then you will not have to manually start the machine when power supply resumes, thanks to the auto restart feature in it. Put the clothes, detergent and switch on the child lock function and comfortably manage other household chores while your clothes are washed and rinsed. This Whirlpool washing machine comes with various other convenience features like digital display, rat mesh, error indication icon lighting, rubber foot, and back control panel.


Works on the unique H2 Low Shower technology, this top loading washing machine uses hydro shower, which helps in loosing of dirt and dust particles. In course of the wash process, the hydro power showers the detergent water on the clothes, ensuring that detergent properly penetrates inside the clothes and removes tough stains and marks. Likewise, during the rinse cycle it drenches the clothes with clean water, which comes useful in proper detergent removal. This thorough wash and rinse programme helps in cleaning clothes to perfection and prevents chances of skin allergies and infections. With the built-in heater and hot catalytic soak feature, it washes clothes with less water while efficiently using detergent. The built-in heater in this washing machine ensures that water reaches the required temperature by activating the detergent. This helps in thorough and proper cleaning of your clothes. With water heating to the optimum level, it helps in releasing detergent enzymes into the water and removing tough marks and stains from the clothes. This heater also ensures that you get germ and odour free clothes. It can effectively remove 16 stains, at 55 degrees Celsius it eliminates odour and oil stains, and at 35 degrees Celsius protein stains are cleansed. The hot catalytic soak feature in this automatic washing machine makes efficient use of detergent with less water. With this Whirlpool Bloomwash top loading washing machine, you can get hand wash clothes-like feel as it comes with the Variator wash system. This innovative Whirlpool technology washes clothes in inside-out circles in boom motion mode.

6th Sense Technology

Equipped with the 6th sense tumble care technology this Whirlpool 7.2 kg top loading washing machine senses the clothes condition and rotates it in a unique 360 degree tumble motion properly removing dirt from the fabric. While, thoroughly cleaning the clothes it maintains their quality and life. Washing expensive and evening wear clothes in this washing machine will be easy as it gently carries out the scrubbing function. Buy this 6th sense technology washing machine and while you sit back and relax this washing machine will wash your clothes to perfection. This patent Whirlpool technology senses the load type and capacity washing your clothes effectively and efficiently. It can adjust the water level, detergent amount and program time, which are most appropriate for your clothes giving your spick and span clothes on every wash. Only, put your laundry for washing and manage other household chores while this best washing machine will clean it all up for you. It also gives you the option of 5 level water selection, speedy cycle, and auto tub clean. You can easily select the water level according to requirement and in case of time paucity use the speedy cycle feature for quick cleaning of clothes. After the wash cycle is complete the auto tub clean feature will clean the washing machine for you making it ready for the next wash cycle.


This Whirlpool top loading washing machine graphite with 7.2 kg load capacity can be a perfect addition to any household. Easy to use with several automatic features and functions it can be apt for working professionals.

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