Samsung launches world’s first bendable TV, largest curved TV

Samsung launches world’s first bendable TV, largest curved TV

Samsung today launched the world's first bendable TV as well as the world's biggest curved television, ahead of the IFA 2014 tech expo. Both these televisions have 105-inch screens and pack 11 million pixels (5120X2160p resolution) on the display panel.

The new Samsung curved TV a custom lock screen and has a quad-core processor under the hood to power the smart functions. The display panel of this 105-inch TV has 21:9 aspect ratio and 4.2-metre radius.

Additionally, Samsung's proprietary picture quality technology, Peak Illuminator, enables viewers to identify subtle differences of brightness and highlights contrasts to expand the range of brightness on the screen for better details. The new 105" curved UHD TV has a 160W built-in speaker that delivers an immersive viewing experience.

The South Korean company has partnered with Netflix, 20th Century Fox, Amazon and major European content partners to offer UHD content to customers. It is also offering 500GB of UHD content to buyers for free.

The bendable TV features much to the same technology and design as the new curved TV. The main difference is that it can change modes — from flat to curved screen — so that viewers can have greater control on the screen type. It has a curvature of 4200R and UHD dimming technology; it can also upscale non-UHD content to UHD-compatible.

Samsung also announced a new range of curved sound bars that are designed to complement the shape of the curved TVs that the company offers.

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