LG G Flex 2, Most Powerful Snapdragon Device. It’s a Beast

LG G Flex 2, Most Powerful Snapdragon Device. It’s a Beast

LG brought out what will certainly be one of the most innovative products at this year's CES, the curved LG G Flex2. It's more compact and more powerful than its predecessor, more curved and heals faster.

Starting off with the display, LG's homemade P-OLED tech has improved over the last year and the new screen has 1080p resolution (up from just 720p). Meanwhile the screen diagonal has shrunken a bit to the more manageable 5.5" (down from 6").

The screen is protected by an LG-developed glass cover that is said to be 20% more durable than Gorilla Glass 3. The back has a special self-healing coating – LG marked a massive improvement by cutting the heal time from 3 minutes to just 10 seconds at room temperature.

The body is a combination of multiple curves ranging from 400mm to 700mm radius. The screen is curved to a 700mm radius, which makes for an "immersive" experience (says LG) and brings the mic closer to your mouth. The back is curved to 650mm so it's easier to handle and fit in the pocket.

Anyway, the LG G Flex2 will be the most powerful device for a while – it will be the first to bring Snapdragon 810 in consumer hands and it only renders at 1080p (no QHD screen here). The phone will launch with Android 5.0 Lollipop and 2GB of RAM. For storage there's 16GB or 32GB, plus a microSD card.

The camera has carried over improvements from the LG G3, including OIS+ and Laser Auto Focus. The camera itself is a 13MP shooter with dual-LED flash, a 2.1MP camera is on the front. Gesture shot makes selfies easier by recognizing a hand-gesture from 1.5m away. Gesture view will easily preview the selfie once captured.

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